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3D Image Guided Surgery and 3D Image Reconstruction-Visualization for Brain Tumors

This is the State of the Art Technology!!
Detects and Navigates through the Brain, by giving a ...

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New 3D Imaging Analysis Technique Provides Faster Treatment Assessment for Liver Cancer

A novel MRI analysis technique provides assessment of the effectiveness of liver cancer treatment...

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Check out how awesome 3D technology is forever changing how doctors view their surgeries

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How new entrants could impact healthcare systems globally

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Sucre - Benefits of Cloud Computing in the healthcare sector

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BIOMED Medical Systems is a R&D Group working and developing new advanced Algorithms and Technologies on BioMedical Signal and Image Processing. BioMed is here to inform you the latest innovations, technologies, and news regarding BioMedical Engineering, BioInformatics, BioSignal and Imaging Systems, BioMedical Imaging Diagnostics, and BioMedicine regarding Human Diseases.

BioMed Medical Systems is an R&D Electrical and Computer Engineering Group focused in R&D projects involving Software programming GUI Development, Hardware-FPGA programming and Real-time Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Programming, Analog and Digital IC Systems, Analog and Digital Signal Processing-Analysis, Image-Video Processing and Communication Systems.

In addition, BioMed is involved in R&D of Biomedical Signal-Image-Video Processing and Analysis, Digital Image-Video Processing, 3D-Stereo/Multi-view Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Statistical Signal Processing and Probabilities, Object Video Detection-Segmentation-Tracking-Classification, Computer-aid Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Imaging Technologies, Medical Sensing-Monitoring-Detection-Diagnosis, 3D Image Rendering-Reconstruction-Synthesis-Interpolation Algorithms.


As a specialist in the field of Biomedical Vital Signs Processing, Monitoring, Detecting, Diagnosing, and 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound (US), X-Ray, PET, Interventional Radiology Imaging, and Biomedical Image Processing Systems we develop new techniques and applications for Biomedical Imaging and Image processing. Our range of products includes complete 3D CT-systems as well as CT-MRI-X-Ray-PET Hardware equipment and CT-MRI-X-Ray-PET-Software, 3D Brain Imaging, 3D Brain Image Reconstruction and Analysis for all stages of the digital imaging process. In addition we design and develop advanced and innovative Vital Signs Monitoring Hardrware Sensors and Systems with smart Vital Signs Monitoring, Detecting, Diagnosing Computer-based Health Solutions. Our Company is also specialized in design and developing Medical Imaging Micro-Endoscopes with Ultrasound, Photonics, Lazer, and Micro-Catheters for Cancer Therapy. Dedicated high-resolution 3D CT-systems and Vital Signs Monitoring Systems are the main focus of our system development efforts. Examples include Brain imaging in Research and Development as well as dedicated Endoscopic imaging. Using our modular software platform, we cover both individual steps and the entire imaging process chain, such as 3D Reconstruction, Visualization, Simulation, Analysis and Calculation. Dedicated Advanced Vital Signs Wireless Sensing, Monitoring, Detecting, and Diagnosing Sensors and Systems, in full integratedComputer-based Software and Hardware Systems, with Advanced Mathematical Detection, Tracking, and Diagnosing Algorithms for Smart Event trigerring and Machine Learning-Data Mining Algorithms for PQRST adaptive learning and feature recognition forCardiac Health Monitoring, Analysis, and Cardiovascular Disease Interpretation.

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BMS BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS Ltd has successfully developed a Novel and Advanced PQRST Heart Rate Detection and ECG Signal Processing Algorithm for Vital Signs Monitoring and Detection. The Algorithm Performs all existing Algorithms, even with Pan-Tompkins Algorithm, reaching Precision Performance above 99.7%-100%.

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The New Innovative PQRST Heart Rate Detection and ECG Signal Processing Algorithm for Vital Signs Monitoring and Detection can provide the following:

  • PQRST Heart Rate Diagnostics, Statistics, and Smart Monitoring
  • PQRST Peak and Wave Detections
  • PQRST Time Intervals and Segments - Start and End Detection
  • PQRST Wave Amplitudes
  • Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Normal Heath State
  • Heart Arrhythmia Detection and Smart Event-Alarm Triggering
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • Blood Pressure Systolic
  • Blood Pressure Diastolic
  • Mean Blood-Arterial Pressure
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