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3D Image Guided Surgery and 3D Image Reconstruction-Visualization for Brain Tumors

This is the State of the Art Technology!!
Detects and Navigates through the Brain, by giving a ...

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New 3D Imaging Analysis Technique Provides Faster Treatment Assessment for Liver Cancer

A novel MRI analysis technique provides assessment of the effectiveness of liver cancer treatment...

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Check out how awesome 3D technology is forever changing how doctors view their surgeries

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How new entrants could impact healthcare systems globally

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Sucre - Benefits of Cloud Computing in the healthcare sector

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Financial Information

BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS targets institutional and Private Investors who believe in the company's technology, team, and vision. Institutional and Private Investors must Understand what Technology is, as well as Innovation in terms of Biomedical Technology and Medical Application. BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS partners will select investors who bring their offerings beyond the Dollar-Euro value. If you are interested in knowing more about our latest technologies and investment opportunities, please feel free to Contact Us.

Type of Market - Market size and growth rate - Market trends -EU & Global Markets

Based on scientific and economic analysis, reputable sources like the last analysis, (LONDON, Feb. 26, 2014, PRNewswire / -, makes that the global market for medical systems vital bio-signals is appreciated to $ 3.148 billion in 2012 and the market will grow at an annual rate of 6.61% in terms of GDP and will increase to $ 4,375 billion by 2018, and mHealth is estimated to $100 billion by 2020. Forecasts up to 2018 by scientific research report, available from, says that this market systems for monitoring vital bio-signals is experiencing tremendous growth and due to the increase of aging but and incurable and new diseases are spreading at a rapid number, not only in developed areas of the world, but also in developing countries. North America bearing the largest share of the market with over 40% market share of the systems for monitoring vital bio-signals, followed by Europe. The North American and European markets had reached $ 1,307.6 million and $ 907.0 million, respectively, by 2013. North America and Europe have to be the driving force of the market, due to the increase in the number of elderly in these economies. The European market is expected to witness a boost in demand because of the growing demand for home health patient monitoring devices, due to changing demographics and lifestyles. Also soaring cancer - heart disease world has made necessary the need for being portable and mobile medical system monitoring vital bio-signals.

BIOMED Diagnostic Technologies

BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS develops innovative Wireless Medical Vital Signs Monitoring and Diagnostic Mobile System with Predictive Medical Disease Analysis, but also Medical Imaging Systems and 3D Brain Imaging Software accessible from Anywhere and Anytime. BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS continues to develop advanced Technologies and Services for Cancer, Cardio-vascular, and Chronic Diseases Patients.