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Smart devices and wearable technologies are becoming increasingly popular throughout society. It’s no surprise that the number of individuals using these devices to monitor and manage their health is now in the hundreds of millions. This in turn has given rise to a new model of health delivery – mobile health or mHealth. According to mhealthshare, mobile healthcare (or mHealth) can be broadly defined as the “delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices.” More specifically, “mHealth refers to the delivery, facilitation and communication of health-related information via mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies – including cell phones, tablet devices, PDAs and wireless infrastructure.”

mHealth Technologies

mHealth - Mobile Vital Signs Monitoring System


The Medical Vital Signs Monitoring Mobile system proposes the designing and developing of a new advanced and innovative diagnostic, monitoring portable, and wireless medical device that will continuously transmit real-time medical data in a Wi-Fi wireless environment based on Bluetooth technology such as: ECG, HR, PAR, SPO2, HBP-LBP-ABP, R-BR , and ST. The MVISIMMO is an innovative portable and mobile telemedicine monitoring system that will provide vital physiological and bio-signals of the heart and oxygen to cancer, cardiovascular, and critically care patients, but also for any patient or person needs to monitor or diagnose or make measurements for the biomarkers of electro-cardio-graph (ECG), heart rate (HR), pulse artery rate (PAR), saturation oxygen levels (SPO2), non-invasive high-low-average blood pressure HBP-LBP-ABP, respiration (R)-breathing rate (BR), and skin temperature (ST). The MVISIMMO system consists of a single medical diagnostic device that continuously monitors all seven (7) vital signs: ECG, HR, PAR, SPO2, HBP-LBP-ABP, R-BR , and ST; using a fiber optical sensor on the finger-tip and 3-Lead or 5-Lead chest sensors for high-precision of vital signs monitoring. The measurements are displayed on a device resembling a smart medical watch that is worn on the wrist. The seven (7) vital signs are monitored through a Bluetooth-WiFi wireless technology, whereas the vital signs data can be transmitted across a hospital-clinic-medical center network to any PC workstation or mobile handheld device such as : smartPhone, iPhone, tablet, and iPad from Anywhere and Anytime.

Android Mobile Health GUI-Software Programming Applications


Programming and Developing Android GUI-Software for smart Health Solutions and Medical Diagnostics. Design and Programming intelligent Mobile Applications based on GUI-Software integrated with Medical Sensors for Processing Bio-Clinical Parameters such as ECG, HR, NiBP(HBP-LBP-ABP), Temp, Respiration, SPO2.The mHealth System and Application is going to be used for Smart Clinical, Medical needs for Patients in Clinic, Home-Patients, Medical Drs, Medical Staff, Physician, Pharmacist. The mHealth System will provide an Intelligent Medical Real-time Interaction, Communication, and Information System that will minimize Health Risks of the Medical Condition of the Patients, but also to provide a High Valuable and Accurate Medical Information System to the Medical Drs in order to Increase their Medical Evaluation and Diagnosis.

EMR and EHR mHealth System

Electronic Medical Records Patients can easily view their past appointment summaries, including their entire list of allergies, medications, and lab results Schedule Appointments Patients can check their upcoming appointments, schedule new appointments, and fill out forms in advance of their next visit. Patient Check-In Easily check-in your patients using an iPhone, Smart-Phone, iPad, Tablet, or PC with our App. Real-Time Communication-Chat-Messaging Patients can Chat and Communicate on a Secure Online Platform with their Medical Dr.

What is mHealth?
mHealth is defined by the WHO as the “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistances and other wireless devices”. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that roughly 500 million people globally are already using personal healthcare ‘apps’ (mobile software applications). This number is predicted to grow rapidly to over 1 billion by 2018. mHealth is already being used to monitor a variety of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, autism, insomnia and asthma. Researchers are also beginning to investigate the potential of mHealth.

mHealth Applications and Benefits
The United Nations has identified seven application categories within the mHealth field, including:
  1. Remote monitoring
  2. Remote data collection
  3. Education and awareness
  4. Diagnostic and treatment support
  5. Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  6. Communication and training for healthcare workers
  7. Helpline

Benefits include the ability to:

  • Access healthcare info
  • Diagnose & track disease
  • Gather actionable public info
  • Deliver medical education & training

BIOMED mHealth
BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS provide the business intelligence needed to deliver, maintain and measure Vital Signs Monitoring, Detecting, and Diagnosing of clinical Diseases, and Medical Evaluations-Decisions Valuable to Medical Doctors, Clinicians, Pharmacists, Nurses.

BIOMED MEDICAL SYSTEMS provide Clinical, Technical, and Business support to optimize the delivery, management and measurement of the value achieved through healthcare. Enabling Smart and Fast Real-time mHealth telecommunication and remote monitoring of Vital Signs based on Multiple Devices (iOS, Android, Windows)
Multiple Data Types Including:

  • Monitoring Data
  • Medical History
  • Waveforms
  • Clinical Notes
  • Lab Results
  • Radiographic Images

New communication technologies that transmit expanded digital ECGs directly to a smartphone or mobile device allow rapid viewing of ECGs by experts and can be used to overcome logistical and geographic barriers to care. By adding more data for analysis, touch screen manipulation, and visual clarity, providers may be able to more accurately interpret ECG findings. Combined with simultaneous and comparative access to historical ECGs, these advances allow cardiologists to be more informed and to intervene earlier in the time-sensitive process of cardiac evaluation and treatment—thereby leading to better outcomes for patients, providers, and hospitals.

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