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3D Image Guided Surgery and 3D Image Reconstruction-Visualization for Brain Tumors

This is the State of the Art Technology!!
Detects and Navigates through the Brain, by giving a ...

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New 3D Imaging Analysis Technique Provides Faster Treatment Assessment for Liver Cancer

A novel MRI analysis technique provides assessment of the effectiveness of liver cancer treatment...

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Check out how awesome 3D technology is forever changing how doctors view their surgeries

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How new entrants could impact healthcare systems globally

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Sucre - Benefits of Cloud Computing in the healthcare sector

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Amazing what BioMedical Engineering and Technology can do!

Μοναδικό: Η Πρώτη Live Επέμβαση Εγκεφάλου σε Ασθενή με Ασθένεια Πάρκινσον μεταδόθηκε στην Τηλεόραση σε 171 χώρες (βίντεο)
National Geographic - Brain Surgery Live (2015)